iota IT offers business information software configuration.

In plain English, business information is a way of looking at all the information you hold about your business and analysing it.

Examples of business information software are as complex as Business Objects and Crystal Reports and as simple as Excel.

The more information you hold the more difficult it is to assess it by hand. It is such a waste to have useful information about your business and not use it to help you make good decisions.

Business information software helps you spot trends or alerts you to events in order for you to take action.
Business Objects

SAP Business Objects is very clever at analysing your data, once you’ve set it up it will automatically alert you to events or create reports.

It can be very simple to administer and can be very simple to make small changes.

It can be very complicated and expensive to set up. We cut those costs, by setting it up in a way you can then admister yourself to save huge ongoing bills. We don’t charge the earth for it either.

We can

configure CMS (Central Management Server)
develop Universes
create Webi reports
write Crystal Reports
create dashboard in Xcelcius

Our Business Objects expert has done work for British Telecom, Police Authority, Water Authority, as well as smaller family run businesses.