Clients Come First – Helping Small Businesses Succeed

iota Business, the business centre that does not cost the earth is doing more than ever to help small business owners find their place in the business market place!

Company at a Glance

Drawing on our nearly 30 years of experience, we make it simple and affordable for our clients to build and manage their business. Yet while we’re a business and accountancy services company, we specialise in supporting those who aren’t necessarily business savvy. It’s one of the things we do best. When we make it easy for small business customers to develop and grow through our services and unparalleled support then they have more time and energy to do what they do best.

After all, we are a small business. We’ve experienced all of the same types of unique challenges that small businesses face. We’ve asked the same types of questions; we’ve pondered the same complex struggles. So, even though we’ve grown a bit over the last few years, we understand the small business customer like few other companies can or do. And few other affordable companies offer the breadth of offerings in business consultancy and accounting arena that we do; or the dedicated desire to care for, guide, and serve the small business customer at every stage of their growth and development.

As the Internet has evolved, it has levelled the playing field for small businesses. No matter their size, a small business can now use the Web to gain advantages that at one time only big business enjoyed; such as the ability to reach customers around the globe. The Internet has created a world of opportunities . . .

At iota Business, we focus on helping small businesses start and market their businesses, enabling them to realise their dreams of self-reliance, entrepreneurship, creativity, and financial independence.