iota’s Business Incubator is a shared workspace for your start up or small business

Services Available

• comfortable office space
• bookable meeting rooms
• deskspace, wifi, electricity, heating
• tea, coffee, fridge and microwave
• business address
• mail pick up and drop off
• computer hire
• lockable storage
• Access 8-5pm

Business Support Available

• mentoring/business coaching
• consultancy and advisory services
• provision of admin assistance
• start up consultancy
• accountancy
• support with funding and other applications
• marketing services, website and product packaging design
• developing your online prescence
• networking meetings
• events with guest business speakers

Contracts Available

• short-term: daily, weekly or one month
• long-term: quaterly, half yearly or annually

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We tailor our offering and price to each customer.

The accounting services we provide include:

  • Company Set Up
  • Taxation and VAT registration
  • Self Assessment
  • Bookkeeping
  • Producing your monthly or quarterly management accounts
  • Completing your Year End Accounts
  • Invoicing Service
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Support and Advice

We’ll take on your accounts, no matter what state they are in and help you keep on top of them.

Limited Company Standard Service

This would usually include:

  • Full Statutory accounts
  • Abbreviated Statutory accounts if applicable
  • Corporation Tax Computation
  • CT600 Corporation Tax Return (Web filing)
  • Personal Tax return for the Director
  • PAYE year-end forms and Director’s PAYE
  • Tax / NI Claims / refunds
  • Routine HM Revenue & Customs correspondence
  • Routine Statutory Companies House compliance
  • General sundry ongoing advice
  • Partnership Accounts and filing (Limited liability partnership)

Please note that actual fees quoted will also depend on other factors, such as volume of transactions, number of employees, etc

Sole traders

This would usually include:

  • Annual Accounts
  • Personal Tax Return (Self Assessment)
  • Tax / NI claims / Refunds
  • Routine HM Revenue & Customs correspondence
  • Mortgage / Loan references
  • General sundry ongoing advice

Please note that actual fees quoted will also depend on other factors, such as volume of transactions, number of employees, etc.

Tax Return (aka Self Assessment)

This would usually include:

  • Personal tax return
  • Tax / NI claims / refunds
  • Routine HM Revenue & Customs correspondence

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Business Planning

Planning is important to keep track of your business, to develop and invest in a sustainable way. We can help you create or review your plan, whether for you or an investor (e.g. bank manager).

Business Start Up

Registering a company, working out your finances, deciding salary or dividend, becoming VAT registered – there is so much to work through when setting up a business. We can help guide you through all the processes. 

Credit Control

“A sale isn’t a sale until it’s paid for” This can be a time consuming and uncomfortable job for small businesses. Let us chase your debts for you.


We started offering this service as existing customers struggled to get their invoices out in a timely fashion, looking professional and being accurate.

Business Planning

Looking forward. Projections to the future. Plans to help you expand or consolidate the business. Financial planning. Taking on new staff. Buying or renting new premises.

We can advise and help you write a guiding document for yourselves or investor (e.g. bank manager)

Business Start-up

New businesses need a helping hand. Advise and support.

We can help with a checklist to make sure you don’t forget any important part of the process.

Come and have a no obligation chat about your new business venture.


Many businesses find even invoicing customers a problem. It can be difficult when you don’t have or are rarely in the office.

We can print or email your invoices using your logo.

We can keep a log of who has paid what and when.

We can send copies on request and issue statements as required.

Invoicing and Credit Control

Perhaps one of the most under rated areas of business. Being paid fortnightly rather than monthly can mean the difference keeping your business going and your cash flow flowing.

You can spend a lot of time chasing payment. When you struggle to balance being polite and being pushy, could mean customers stretch payment terms or take their business elsewhere.

We can manage all or some of your customer accounts:

  • invoices
  • credit/debit notes
  • payment chasing
  • statements

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iota IT offers business information software configuration.


In plain English, business information is a way of looking at all the information you hold about your business and analysing it.

Examples of business information software are as complex as Business Objects and Crystal Reports and as simple as Excel.

The more information you hold the more difficult it is to assess it by hand. It is such a waste to have useful information about your business and not use it to help you make good decisions.

Business information software helps you spot trends or alerts you to events in order for you to take action.

Business Objects

SAP Business Objects is very clever at analysing your data, once you’ve set it up it will automatically alert you to events or create reports.

It can be very simple to administer and can be very simple to make small changes.

It can be very complicated and expensive to set up. We cut those costs, by setting it up in a way you can then administer yourself to save huge ongoing bills. We don’t charge the earth for it either.

We can:

  • configure CMS (Central Management Server)
  • develop Universes
  • create Webi reports
  • write Crystal Reports
  • create dashboard in Xcelcius

Our Business Objects expert has done work for British Telecom, Police Authority, Water Authority, as well as smaller family run businesses.

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Get trained by people who understand the practice (not just the theory).


We can train in specific accountancy software, e.g. Sage, Quickbooks or just the basics in bookkeeping.

We also have an experienced trainer in Business Intelligence, e.g. Crystal Reports, Business Objects.

We can do training onsite or come to see us in Leeds 7 (very close to town).

All our training is made to measure. We don’t run big classes. Its not as expensive as you think and it could save you money.

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Simple and cheap way to stay legal for auto enrolment.


Solutions tailored to businesses that have questions about workplace pensions

We set up and manage the outgoing admin for payroll, auto enrolment and communicating the changes with your employees.

Discounts maybe possible.

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One off set up cost and affordable running costs


When do I need to start auto enrolment?

You should find a solution six months before your Staging Date . . .

. . . Not sure when yours is? Find your Staging Date

What if I’m late?

There are fixed penalty fines of £400, but more worryingly there is a daily penalty for continued noncompliance £50 per day 1-4 employees and £500 per day 5-49 employees. The fines have already started to be issued.

Is it complicated?

Becoming familiar with the rules you need to follow can be time consuming, but it’s just an add-on to payroll. If you run your own payroll, it’s just a bit more admin.

What can go wrong?

If you’re late sorting it out, you’ll be fined.

If you don’t assess your employees now, you won’t be able to budget for the costs involved.

If you encourage your employees to opt out, you’ll be fined. We’ll make sure you don’t get caught out.

What experience does iota have?

iota is an Accounts and Business Support Service. We have had experience in running payroll for small businesses over the last ten years. We are a small business ourselves, so understand the problems you face. Most of our customer comes through recommendations.

What pension scheme?

iota has chosen to use the workplace pension set up by the government, which is free to use: NEST Pensions.

Our payroll software links to NEST, to make administration easier (and cheaper for you). Our offer is to run your payroll and auto enrolment, as the two are so entwined.

Where is iota?

We are based in Leeds, LS7. Nice and central, easy to get to.

How can I find out more?

Call or email for an appointment:

Tel 0113 242 6691 or email info@iotaaccountants.co.uk


We can deliver as much or as little as you need.


Our Payroll Service includes:

  • Payslips sent to you or directly to your employees
  • Reports of your choice sent to you
  • All Tax and NIC’s calculated
  • Statutory payments including SSP, SMP, SAP, SPP etc calculated
  • Student Loan deductions calculated
  • Pensions, Private Personal Pension (PPP) and Stakeholders, calculated
  • Attachment to Earnings orders and similar calculated
  • Pension and Attachment statement and payment advice
  • Holiday pay calculated
  • PAYE statement each Month / Quarter and payment administration
  • P46 for new starters
  • P45 for leavers
  • Student tax forms [P38(s)]
  • End of year administration including P60’s and P11Ds
  • CIS deductions
  • We will deal with all HMRC issues on your behalf

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We are keen to work with our customers to provide quality services at affordable prices.


  • When negotiating costs we always take into account, number of other services already used and where possible include little extras in the existing price.
  • We are happy to meet and discuss a no obligation quote. Your place or ours?
  • We regularly review the services you are using and suggest ways to reduce your fees.

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