Business Planning

Planning is important to keep track of your business, to develop and invest in a sustainable way. We can help you create or review your plan, whether for you or an investor (e.g. bank manager).

Business Start Up

Registering a company, working out your finances, deciding salary or dividend, becoming VAT registered – there is so much to work through when setting up a business. We can help guide you through all the processes.

Credit Control

“A sale isn’t a sale until it’s paid for” This can be a time consuming and uncomfortable job for small businesses. Let us chase your debts for you.


We started offering this service as existing customers struggled to get their invoices out in a timely fashion, looking professional and being accurate.

Business Planning

Looking forward. Projections to the future. Plans to help you expand or consolidate the business. Financial planning. Taking on new staff. Buying or renting new premises.

We can advise and help you write a guiding document for yourselves or investor (e.g. bank manager)

Business Start-up

New businesses need a helping hand. Advise and support.

We can help with a checklist to make sure you don’t forget any important part of the process.

Come and have a no obligation chat about your new business venture.


Many businesses find even invoicing customers a problem. It can be difficult when you don’t have or are rarely in the office.

We can print or email your invoices using your logo.

We can keep a log of who has paid what and when.

We can send copies on request and issue statements as required.

Invoicing and Credit Control

Perhaps one of the most under rated areas of business. Being paid fortnightly rather than monthly can mean the difference keeping your business going and your cash flow flowing.

You can spend a lot of time chasing payment. When you struggle to balance being polite and being pushy, could mean customers stretch payment terms or take their business elsewhere.

We can manage all or some of your customer accounts:

  • invoices
  • credit/debit notes
  • payment chasing
  • statements